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Personal and Corporate Tax Planning

Every business or individual has tax planning needs to have a plan for their taxes. The reality is taxes are the single biggest reason that businesses can fail – not understanding your tax obligations and overpaying or underpaying your taxes has disastrous consequences for your business or personal financial plans.

At Vancouver Accountant, our goal is to help you create the right strategic tax plan that can ensure you have a solid foundation for your business or secure your future and your family’s future through your individual obligations.

The reality is for businesses, having a strategic tax plan helps because you can rest assured knowing exactly what your burden is, what you can claim and how to properly allocate your resources. For individuals, a strategic tax plan is extremely important because it helps you understand how you can fund your retirement, manage your credit, and many other important aspects of your daily life.

Services offered by Vancouver Accountant include:
  • Optimizing Tax Deductions and Credits: For both businesses and individuals, knowing exactly what you can write off and where credits can be found can result in thousands of dollars more in a refund.
  • Paying Yourself a Salary vs. Dividend: This is an especially important consideration for business, as depending on your revenue you could stand to gain more tax benefits one way or another.
  • Advice on Shareholder Loans and Advances Do you need to draw money from your company? When you understand the tax implications, this advice can save you lots of money.

Tax Planning Strategists

Strategic tax planning is vitally important, make sure that your plan is solvent and takes care of yourself and your family by contacting Vancouver Accountant today at (604) 670-7811.


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