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Assessment of Accounting Practices

Reviewed Financials

Reviewed financial statements build on what is provided in a Notice to Reader, but give more detailed reconciliations of key accounts and typically include full explanatory notes to the statements. Your business would typically require review engagement financial statements due to a requirement in a lending agreement with a bank or other third party. While performing a financial statement review, our team is constantly analyzing your accounting system and data for weaknesses, and seeking opportunities to improve your business from a tax and strategic standpoint.

We often recommend a review engagement to be performed outside of a banking requirement since it is a valuable tool for promoting increased financial health and vigilance. The procedures we perform while reviewing your statements assists in identifying crucial areas of security and exposure helping you determine if the more extensive audited financial is necessary.


Reviewed Financial Statements

Having your review engagement financial statements prepared by experienced accountants such as those at Vancouver Accountant is something that a business should strongly consider.

Areas of coverage include:
  • Assessment of accounting practices and policies used by your business.
  • Analysis of how financial information is recorded.
  • Review of paper trail including receipts and source documents.
  • Assisting you, the business owner, in understanding key relationships and ratios pertinent to your financial success.

Call Us to Get Started

The bottom line is preparation of your review engagement financial statements provides a great window into the health of your company or your portfolio. Call our veteran team at (604) 670-7811 today to schedule a no obligations consultation.


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