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Vancouver Tax Accounting

Personal Tax Preparation

Personal tax accounting is one of the most important services offered by Vancouver Account. The reality is taxes are complex and few people that are not in the accounting business understand how to maximize your tax return and obtain all the money that they are eligible to receive. While it may seem straightforward the truth is there are many different complexities to consider – especially if you have investments or are working on building your retirement.

The truth is personal tax preparation is something that with professional help can become incredibly advantageous for you – imagine LOOKING FORWARD to tax season!


Our Services

Here are some services provided by Vancouver Accountant:
  • Personal Tax Preparation: Bring in all income slips and financial summaries and we will help you get the largest possible refund.
  • Advanced Tax Planning: Don’t just take care of what happened last year – develop a plan to get the most out of your taxes every year.
  • CRA Inquiries: If the CRA is inquiring about an audit or other tax issues, get the right representation to best assist you with inquiries.
  • Authorized CRA E-Filing: Get your refund as fast as possible with our authorized e-filing services. 
There is no reason to keep shorting yourself on your taxes – contact Vancouver Accountant today at (604) 670-7811 to maximize your refund!


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