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Corporate Accountant

Corporate accounting is one of the most critical parts of the organization’s short term and long term financial health. Besides the common sense implications of having knowledge as to where your money is coming from and where it is going to, the importance of corporate accounting for tax purposes is directly tied to the long term viability of your company.

In Canada, few things are as complex as taxes for corporations. There are literally a different set of rules for corporations and individuals.


Corporate Accounting Services

Our veteran professional accountants will give your business a solid foundation of stability knowing that regardless of any complexities that may come your way, you will have the consistent security of knowing that your accounting is always up to date and in compliance.

Some of the Corporate accounting services offered by Vancouver Accountant include:
  • Corporate Income Tax Returns: Have the comfort of knowing that your tax return is always prepared and filed correctly and on time with the CRA.
  • Financial Statement Preparation: Make sure that your shareholders, bankers and investors all have the most accurate and easy to understand financial statements.
  • CRA Enquiry Communication: Vancouver Accountant is the representation you need whenever the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is making enquiries about your taxes.
  • Authorized CRA E-Filing: There is no better way to get your return submitted on time than electronically, so trust professionals who are authorized by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) to submit these important documents electronically. 

Protecting Your Corporate Bottom Line

Corporate accounting is one of the most important services that Vancouver Accountant offers, find out how we can help your business by calling today!


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