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Canada Revenue Agency Representation

CRA Representation

As we are all well-aware, it was not Al Capone's horrific crimes as head of the Chicago Outfit that were responsible for his imprisonment, rather it was his inability to properly account for his vast sums of money that had him convicted.

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is the agency of the federal Canadian government that can rightly claim ruthless efficiency when finding out who did not properly fill out a tax form.


To that end, having representation when facing a CRA audit is critical for not only your business's health, but also for your personal freedom. At Vancouver Accountant, we are well-versed in representing individual clients and businesses that are facing the CRA.

Professional Accounting Representation

Vancouver Accountant offers the following services that can assist you if you have been contacted by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA):
  • Consulting Regarding CRA Audits and Appeals: At Vancouver Accountant, we understand that the prospect of an audit is scary, we will sit down with you and discuss all possible areas of exposure and how to limit your liability and prove your compliance to the audit or appeals officer.
  • Dealing with Tax Re-Assessments: This is where Vancouver Accountant helps you understand possible problems that may have occurred with initial assessments and making sure you are in compliance and protected.
  • Tax Filing Adjustments: Vancouver Accountant helps you throughout the process whenever you receive a notice that your taxes need adjustments, or you subsequently discovered an error or omission in your original filing. Sometimes we can even help to reduce or eliminate CRA penalties.
  • Review Returns Prepared by Third Parties: Instead of just trusting someone to have prepared your return correctly, have Vancouver Accountant make sure that all your submissions to the CRA limit any possible exposure to an audit. 
Having representation for any CRA issues is incredibly important. Just as you would be sure to have a lawyer for a court proceeding, having representation for CRA audits and appeals helps you avoid costly penalties.

We are always striving to make this process as simple and stress free as possible. Call us at 604 670-7811 to schedule a consultation.

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