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Forming Your Business

Business Formation Assistance

The greatest decision anyone can make is taking the opportunity to start a business. This is an exciting time and it is full of activity. There is much to do – and for any business the most immediate concern is launching your product and marketing your business to prospects.

Before you can do any of the important functions of your business, you need to appropriately launch your business. Forming the right type of business entity and determining the most efficient structure is extremely important to making sure that the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) appropriately taxes your business. Form your business the wrong way, and your business can be stopped in its tracks before you ever make a sale.


Setting Up Your Business Properly

There are several ways to form your business. Vancouver Accountant will determine all of your options regarding the structure of your business and will help you weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each route. Having the proper business structure from the beginning will help you to save and defer the maximum amount of taxes, and avoid costly legal fees for restructuring down the road.

Here are the different types of services we offer around business formation:
  • Guidance on Compliance: Vancouver Accountant has a deep understanding of how each type of business entity is taxed and their reporting requirements. Rest assured your business will be in good hands.
  • Setting Up Corporations: As a corporate entity, you have a specific tax considerations unique to your business, Vancouver Accountant gets you ready to handle the world of taxes.
  • Setting Up Proprietorships: A proprietorship is the simplest form of a business structure, and the quickest way to start doing business. Let Vancouver Accountant determine if this is the ideal structure for your business. Having your proprietorship ready to work is exactly what Vancouver Accountant gets you ready to do on day 1.
  • Setting Up Partnerships: Are you thinking of starting a business with one or more partners? Let us help you structure your partnership in a tax efficient way from the start. 
Don’t take any shortcuts when forming your business. Be sure to give the professionals at Vancouver Accountant a call before signing your articles of incorporation.

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