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Audited Financial Statements

A big part of many business’s responsibilities to their shareholders is the completion of audited financial statements. These statements are vital for sharing the important information about a business’s financial health to shareholders and making sure that your business has all of their financials square with the principles of proper accounting.

At Vancouver Accountant, our veteran team is extremely experienced in preparing audited financials.


Our Financial Statement Audit Process

The process for performing an audit differs quite significantly from the Notice to Reader and the Review Engagement financial statement processes. An audit is a comprehensive review of your company’s accounting policies, internal controls and processes with the goal of determining whether the financial statements are free from any material errors or omissions. As you can imagine, we become very familiar with your company’s finances throughout this process. This enables us to have in depth conversations with you, the owner, regarding improved business processes with the goal of increasing your company bottom line, while meeting outside shareholder and lender requirements.

Here are the benefits of having our team audit your company’s financial statements:
  • Peace of mind working with an experience accounting and audit team that has completed these reports for major companies such as condominium corporations, private colleges, not-for-profit corporations, mortgage investment corporations and many private corporations.
  • Assurance that all statements are materially in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. 
The bottom line is having audited financials helps your company communicate its financial health to the important people in and outside of your company. Contact Vancouver Accountant today and find out how you can get the right audited financial statements that communicate the details of your businesses financial health.


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